Happy Friday

It’s a slow day today. Just hanging around reading and doing minor chores. Feeling very retired…here are a few observations about the world today.

  • Kanye West has lost his mind. I know it’s a story, but media needs to just ignore him. And someone needs to commit him for treatment.
  • Georgians need to prove to the rest of the US that they’re sane by NOT electing Herschel Walker to the Senate.
  • Trump continues to lose legal decisions, one after another. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.
  • Alex Jones declares bankruptcy to avoid paying legal fines. Shocker.
  • An official CA committee is recommending that CA pay $223K per person in slave reparations, to each of about 2.5 million people who identify as black or African American in CA. I don’t think that’s going to go over well in either political party.
  • I have my final board meeting as a 211 San Diego board member next week. Not happy to be leaving the board, but those are the rules. Term limits.
  • The FCC has released a national broadband map, showing what options are available for any US address. Pretty cool.
  • The rain forecast for today in Socal is not happening. Another shocker.
  • Our 2023 homeowner’s insurance quote is 4x higher than last year. We haven’t made any claims, so I’m not sure why. Gotta love the insurance business; it’s basically the Mafia with a lot of paperwork.

Like I said, a slow day. Happy Friday.

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