Nashville drive-by

Ahhh, Nashville. We barely knew ye. Flying nonstop from here to San Diego in a bit. We met some old friends for a nice dinner at Connors Seafood and Steak last night. Great meal (I would eat there again), great company (thanks, T&J), but a little bit of stress getting there. Five PM traffic, and somehow I had two different nav systems barking conflicting orders at me while driving. Confusing. And, during all that, I noticed that we were almost out of gas – 9 miles left, according to the car’s computer. But I made the exit, got some gas, shut down both of the chatty nav systems and made it to the restaurant only a little late. Wine was required, stat.

So much going on in the world, but it’s hard for me to focus on anything beyond my family’s drama and my own attempt to cope with it all. Spending a few days back in Socal will be good, and we’ve left a great system of caregivers in place to make sure Dad is as OK as he can be. Right now I’m in a kind of dislocation confusion – days in hotels in Ashland, then at the house in Louisville, then back to Ashland hotels, Louisville again, and now a night somewhere near the airport in Nashville. I’m a veteran traveler, but this is a bit much.

I’m looking forward to enjoying our new pure and expensive well water. And sitting in one place for a few days.

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