Knock knock

Loooong day yesterday, but my Dad is now safely in his room at the new facility. He’s comfortable, and that’s about all he can ask or get at this stage. The logistics of everything went better than expected. In just one day I coordinated the move among the three healthcare entities, acquired a storage unit for his excess furniture/belongings, hired movers to carry and transport the big stuff, and then me and my brothers got ‘er done. Tag on a night in a fairly shitty hotel and here we are. I’m thankful that Dad is now in a place that can give him enough attention.

One thing is certain, it’s now very, very clear that once you stop moving around and walking, your fate is sealed. Ability to get on your feet and walk is the dividing line between those with hope and those on their way out. Note to self – keep walking.

This is another one of those days when some humor will really help. Here’s some crude-ish levity from where else, the Internet.

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