TGIF, Socal edition

After clawing my way home yesterday on crowded freeways, I spent the evening watching the latest installment of The Nightmare on Constitution Avenue, aka the Jan 6th Committee Hearings. I’ve changed my mind about the slow pace of the hearings – at first I thought it was a mistake, but now I think it’s an absolutely brilliant political move. The Republicans decided to boycott the hearings and not place any of their loyalists on the Committee. That gave the Committee chairman and the Democratic Party free rein to drag the fact-finding out for months, and an unfettered prime time TV platform to highlight how awful (and treasonous…and treacherous…and duplicitous…I could go on) Trump and his cronies were as they tried to overturn the 2020 election. It’s just brilliant. Apparently they’re going to take August to analyze more information and script more hearings, then resume the slow-motion Trumpster train wreck in September.

And it’s heartening to see that there are still people of ethics and honor out there among the conservatives. Cheney, Kinzinger, the witnesses who resigned the day after Jan 6th – they all realized that Trumps actions and inactions around the election were treasonous and that they couldn’t be associated with it. In Cheney and Kinzinger’s cases, they’ve sacrificed their careers to see that it doesn’t happen again. Good on them. And a pox (yeah, a monkeypox) on the Republican “leaders” who condemned Trump a few days after the 6th, only to morph back into shameless bootlickers once they realized their hard-core voter base demanded it.

On the home front, today the crew shows up to pull our well pump from 650 feet underground and replace it, and then start the task of revising our water filtration systems. It’s been twenty years since we drilled the well, so this 2022 investment in water security isn’t unexpected and will pay off in better, sweeter water and an increase in the eventual resale value of the property. And hopefully, the better quality water will stop the slow death of many of our property’s oldest trees and plants. The heavy salt and iron in the water has been too much for many of the more exotic trees. The eucalyptus don’t care of course – they can apparently grow in Hell itself. Figures.

Also on the home front, Comicon is back in full swing in San Diego this weekend. Any other time, I would make the effort to show up at the biggest/baddest nerdfest on the planet, but this year it’s just not gonna happen. Dealing with family health care issues, leading two companies, bouncing back and forth between homes, trying to finish my novel, and dealing with my own needs to get healthier – it’s a lot. So while Comicon would be fun, I need the time and energy for other things.

I hope to post some pictures of the pump-ectomy later today. Should be interesting.

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    • Mostly the movies. Actors, writers and producers from SF movies and the Marvel/DC universes attend. Quite a few celebrities, for what that’s worth. And the cosplayers are everywhere, with some amazing costumes. Downtown SD is pretty interesting the whole weekend.

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