More guns

I can’t tell you how much I despise messages like this. What is the world country coming to, that this is an actual ad designed to get people to vote for this person? And many people will in fact vote for her.

And I’m sure she’s all-in on Jesus and “pro-life” too. Jesus, guns, and babies, the new theocracy’s mantra. Christianity, much like Islam, has been captured by violent, hate-driven radicals who insist that their belief is the only truth and that any who oppose them deserve to die.

Seeing this is a rough way to start your day. But it’s better to know how far gone these folks are than to be surprised later, when they come for your rights. Or impose their beliefs onto your government. I’m wondering where my right to walk down a street and not worry that everyone except me is armed to the teeth fits in.

I have relatives, people I love, who are staunch gun advocates. I don’t think they’re violent or hateful, and I respect their belief – I disagree with them, but that doesn’t change how I feel about them. But unfortunately, gun culture has a large percentage of people who are hateful toward anyone not like them, and who tend toward violence. If US gun culture advocates would police themselves better, we wouldn’t have people like this politician above who advocates for zero controls.