Ass not likely to stay in seat

I saw this today on a website about modern air travel etiquette. I respectfully but definitely disagree.

“Can everyone please keep their ass in their seat when the plane lands? It’s incredibly rude and disrespectful when the back passengers fill up the aisle, and I’m stuck in the middle waiting to get out. The front gets up and leaves, aisle by aisle to the back. Don’t be a dick.”

Well…after I’ve sat peacefully and respectfully for 2-4 hours in my seat, I want to get up when the plane lands and stops at the gate. I need to stretch. Not to try to beat anyone to the exit, but to relieve the pain/pressure of sitting in a cramped position that long. I expect everyone else who has an aisle seat to do the same. I’m happy to wait my turn by row, to exit, but I want to do it with stretched arms and legs if possible. Not a dick.

Health care Monday

Definitely got my wish, we had a big storm last night with house-shaking thunder. It was as if Thor himself called down the lightning. Good stuff.

Today I attack the King’s Daughters Medical Center’s inaction on my Dad’s illness. Emails and phone calls to let the various “providers” know that Dad has an advocate and he’s asking questions. Lots of them.

The only other goal for the day is to spend some time with the grandsons.