Rough start for the second half of 2022

Let’s start the day with a political cartoon. I can’t wait until Life imitates this particular Art.

As if the Supremely Wrong Court isn’t doing enough damage lately, Arizona just decided to kill all the public schools in their state. AZ will pay families $7000 per child if/when they’re pulled from public schools. Insanity. How long will it take for a pack of for-profit non-schools to spin up, ready to take the money and not teach the kids much of anything? Or for poor families with 3-4 kids to do the math and say “pay me”, then send their kids to a low-cost day care rebranded as a school? Or just keep the money and homeschool them via Youtube or Masterclass. Nice job, AZ. I can’t think of a worse way to harm the next generation, so I guess you win the contest for “worst decision in the world today”.

I’m thankful that I’m reading a good book today. I need the escape.