Two water tales

It’s gonna rain today, and I can’t wait. It’ll cool things off, and I’m simply ready for some rain. I’m voting for a big thunderstorm.

I did something yesterday I haven’t done in 22+ years – used a lawn mower and cut the lawn. The CA property has zero grass, so it just hasn’t been a thing all these years. But I’ve been paying too much for lawn maintenance here in Louisville, so I bought a high-tech battery powered mower and used it. I wish I could say it was great, but nope, lawn cutting is still a pretty boring job. It looks good when you’re finished, but…the back and forth gets old fast.

BMW has miscalculated with their latest innovation, IMHO. They want car owners to pay a subscription fee for heated seats. What a terrible idea – when I pay for a luxury car, I expect all the features to be included in the price. I understand BMW’s desire for a recurring revenue stream, but….no. Just no. It feels petty and disrespectful for a loyal customer base.

We got some bad news about our well water system in CA yesterday. Our underground pump needs to be replaced, and as long as we were getting that replaced we decided to upgrade the iron, hardness, and particulate treatment filters. The bad news is that it’s all going to be *expensive*, in a year when we have a lot of travel planned. First world problem, I know. But our poor water quality has made irrigation problematic – over time the salty, iron-rich water has killed a lot of previously healthy plants and trees. So it’s a necessity.

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