Bakery therapy

Back in Louisville after a couple of days trying to support the elder generation – a moving-target definition that’s getting smaller all the time. Attended a funeral (visitation), helped my Dad with some medical misadventures, and visited an old family friend in Mt. Sterling who is alone these days in her late 80s. That’s a tough gig. All that, plus 7 hours of driving and a few hours of business calls sprinkled in, wiped me out.

So today I started the Blue Dog therapy program. Walked to Blue Dog and picked up a tasty quiche and one of their spectacular olive loaves. A walk home, a bit of each, and life is noticeably better. Bakery therapy – it’s a thing.

Back to healthcare, I got access to my Dad’s online medical record, courtesy of Epic software. Should’ve done that a while ago. Now I can see all his meds, test results, appointments, providers, etc. This will give me and my brothers the information and leverage we need to make sure he’s getting real care, not just getting bounced around. That plus some business meetings today is all I plan to do. Well, maybe another round of bakery therapy.

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