Drunken Barber’s Hand

These wonderful lyrics from Slaid Cleaves pretty much sum up the state of the world lately:

I don’t need to read the papers
Or the tea leaves to understand
That this world’s been shaved
By a drunken barber’s hand

Just couldn’t say it better myself. Gonna have to listen to more of that guy’s music.

On my way today to see Dad and then to attend the pre-funeral visitation for an old family friend, Mrs. Doris Delvizis. Doris was a force of nature, a person completely unique in my life as a teenager. Her son Mike was my best friend in high school, and it’s sad that her passing is what brings us together again. But that’s the way of it in one’s latter years – weddings and funerals are what bring us together. Doris’ wonderful obituary can be found here.

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