Southern France, anyone?

The culture wars get more wacky. I would love to see some of the examples of the now-banned 41% of Math textbooks in Florida. Math textbooks?! What could possible be so prejudicial in a math book?

No travel this month, but we kick it into higher gear starting in May. At that point we have trips every month until the end of 2022. With that in mind, I really hope conditions are such that the airline mask mandate can be ended in May. I get it, COVID is still a risk, but airports and health care facilities are the last situations where masks are still required. Long flights with masks and people fighting about it have gotten very tedious.

UPDATE, Monday afternoon: Well, well, well, a FL judge has ruled that the CDC’s 2021 airlines mask mandate is unlawful and unenforceable. That might be the first news from FL that I agree with in years.

And in anticipation of said travel, I get my new iPad Pro today. About 2-3x faster processor and 4x more storage. Gotta have room for a lot of books, music and 4K movies.

Here’s a weird little treatise on writing from an unexpected source. I like it, but…still deciding if there’s any real insight here or just a recitation of common sense.

Final travel thought. This trip would definitely be worth taking. I like river cruises, and I love the Rhone region. If I had to pick a spot to live outside the US, southern France is in the top five choices. Haven’t traveled on a Viking ship yet, but their reputation is solid.

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