Crowded, expensive, and uncomfortable

Going in to the office most days lately, I have a lot of time to think and listen to music – it’s a 91 mile round trip. My playlist these days includes Tame Impala, Cannons, Rush, Billie Eilish, Khraungbin (of course), Jackson Browne, and Pink Floyd, to name a few. I also listen to a lot of NPR, but the constant fund raising gets old.

I just stumbled onto an interesting writing tool, Sudowrite. It works pretty well, though it’s yet another excuse/distraction from “just writing”.

Aaaaand, the airline mask mandate is over, just like that. At least for now. Let’s hope that we don’t get a giant bump in COVID cases as a result. But aside from that, I’m *really* happy that we can go back to air travel being what it used to be – crowded, expensive, and uncomfortable. What a relief!

Given the sign below, no wonder I ended up in this part of Socal.