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Happy Easter! I’m not much of an Easter celebrator, but I wish I was with the grandsons to enjoy it with them and through their eyes. I’m sure they’ll get to chase some hidden eggs today. Here’s a shot of their Easter outfits this very day.

In other news, CJ Frederick will finally be in the lineup for KY this fall. That’s good news. Our team will come together a little bit at a time, all through the summer. Dreams of titles, here we go again.

This is a topic I don’t write about much, but given that Kentucky has made national news here, it’s worth a mention. KY is the first state to effectively ban all abortions. Makes me sad, but then I know how conservative most of the state is. I’m not going to get into the sophistry of when life begins and what or when should be the dividing line, but it 100% seems wrong to me that a government can say what a person can and cannot do to their body. That goes for vaccines, tattoos, piercings, haircuts, body mods, etc. A person’s body is theirs and theirs alone – no one else should get to decide what is done to it.

The escape clause in this logic is that the government of KY might say “Well, you can still get an abortion, but you can’t get it here…”. Sort of OK, but what happens when KY law becomes US law? Not everyone can afford to leave the country for a medical procedure.

It’s a sad state of affairs. I respect those who are trying to protect “the unborn”, but I would think our first priority is to protect the rights of the born. Mandating that women carry all pregnancies to full term and become mothers whether they want to or not is just…crazy. It demotes women to second class personhood, which I suppose is the point. Thanks, Kentucky.

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