Is it really the end of March?

Daily chuckle: My doctor asked if anyone in my family suffered from mental illness.. I said, “No, we all seem to enjoy it.”


After years of buying shoes somewhat randomly (buying when in the mood and/or at a mall; buying the first thing that mostly fits because I hate trying on clothes or shoes), I’ve discovered two things that make shoe buying an excellent experience. First, buy for quality. For me that’s shoes like Ecco and Rockport. High quality and high comfort. Second, buy via Amazon. Great selection, don’t have to sit in a shoe store and struggle with my shoes and socks in public, and can easily return anything I don’t like or that doesn’t quite fit. Little by little I’m using this approach to replace my decades-old collection of almost-never-worn, don’t-quite-like-them shoes. Old dog, new tricks.


I don’t understand the arguments over who was more justified, Chris Rock or Will Smith. Rock is a comedian and there’s a long tradition of celebrities making jokes about each other. And this wasn’t a particularly rough or crude joke. Smith just lost his mind and committed assault in public. Smith was in the wrong, end of story.

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