Tuesday weirdness

You gotta love this. Estimating Flight Characteristics of Anomalous Unidentified Aerial Vehicles, an academic paper written to try and place some facts around the most credible UFO sightings of the last 50 years. A quote from the paper after some mathematical analysis that I had a hard time following:

The main point is that not only are the observed accelerations of these UAVs consistent with those required for interstellar travel, but that some of these UAVs exhibit capabilities suggesting that they could be spacecraft with impressive interstellar capabilities.

Close Encounters, baby! maybe this is the year I’ll try to visit Area 51.


This may explain a lot about my generation and how Trump got elected. Average of six IQ points down for people born in the 60s and before – yikes! At least we’ve not subjected our children to the same stupid poisoning.


Picked up some carryout food for dinner yesterday, and they did something I wish all restaurants would stop doing. They put the french fries inside a foam clamshell. Those things are convenient, and they’re ubiquitous in takeout, but as they hold the food and moisture inside, they turn a crispy fry into a steamed, soft mess. Fries should be treated with respect. I should start a non-profit for FF integrity.