More freeway fun

I took the picture below while stuck in freeway traffic this morning. I don’t understand people like this. I know that millions of people voted for DT for President, but I don’t hate them or demonize them because of their vote. I wonder why their decision making process and/or world view is so different from mine, and I wonder why they voted for someone I consider completely unsuitable to be a leader. But I don’t say F*** them.

Freeway driving is stressful enough without wondering why someone drives around with an aggressive insult painted on his vehicle. I’m glad I don’t have to explain this to a ten year old sitting in my back seat. But that’s where we are these days.

I’ll be watching you

Another wonderful US history lesson yesterday from Heather Cox Richardson. My paraphrase of the theme: All men people are created equal and have specific inalienable rights. Not a bad idea; maybe we should base our nation on an idea like that. Hmmmm.


I have to admit, without my team in the NCAA tourney, the whole March Madness thing is underwhelming. Yes, I’ll watch a game or two here and there, but it’s just not the same.


I’m a more at-peace, thoughtful person than I was when I semi-retired three years ago. A big part of that is not being in Socal’s crazy traffic 2+ hours every day. I was reminded of that yesterday when a tiny Ford driven by a slacker leaning way back smoking a cigarette lane-changed three feet in front of me at 80 mph, no signal and no response to my honk and slamming on the brakes. It’s those frequent and casual brushes with death that make me want a stiff drink when I get home.


One of my favorite SD Zoo pictures from last year – “I’ll Be Watching You”.