Restaurant review

My OpenTable review of Repeal:

I was probably a little generous on the food rating. I expected a lot more for the price – Repeal is *pricey*. My steak was good but not great, and the whipped potato side dish was just bad. Runny and oily. I’m a tough steak critic – I’ve pretty much perfected Costco prime steaks cooked at home, so that’s always a thing when I pay for a steak somewhere. High hurdle.

On the good side we had a real nice evening. Great service, good ambiance, good people watching, and Monday night turned out to be half price wine bottle night. We had a killer Vieux Donjon Chateauneuf du Pape that I normally wouldn’t spring for, but at half price, why not? It was the star of the meal. And overall, their wine list was first class.

Dessert was a mixed bag. The key lime pie was excellent, but the bourbon-caramel bread pudding…don’t bother.

Louisville has soooo many good food destinations, and many of them great values. Mussel and Burger comes to mind. Con Huevos. Fork and Barrel. Ciao. Etc. So it may be a while before I visit Repeal again. Unless I want a great bottle of wine on a Monday night.

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