Today is the Spring Solstice the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. Here in Socal it’s damp and cloudy. We still managed to get a walk in around the vineyard. Shaded part of the vineyard path shown above.


I watched St. Whatever’s (I still can’t say their name) defeat another KY team in the tournament yesterday. They’re living the dream, going to the Sweet Sixteen.


This NPR article brings back the story of the execrable eastern KY county clerk who took it upon herself to decide that gay couples could not get a marriage license, in spite of what the law said. Her moral guide was of course the word of god. From the article:

The legal battle started in 2015 when Davis, in her capacity of a county clerk, defied the Supreme Court’s ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges. It’s the landmark decision that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide

She said distributing marriage licenses to such couples went against her beliefs as a member of the Apostolic Church, arguing that she could not give them a marriage license “under God’s authority.”

I suppose it never occurred to her to quit her job if her religious belief kept her from carrying out her legal duty. Instead she decided to impose her belief on others. I wonder if eastern KY would have supported a Muslim exercising his of her religious beliefs in that same scenario? Hmmm.


I’m no expert, but this seems bad. “Both of the planet’s poles experience extreme heat, and Antarctica breaks records.” Might be time to buy some property in Alaska. Or Ushuaia.

2 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Have you read Southernmost by Silas House? I liked how it approached same section marriage from a main character who initially stood against it and grew to accept. An Appalachian novel by an Appalachian writer.


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