Life goes on

I let my March sadness post sit there for a couple of days; didn’t feel like writing. Sort of a grave marker for the season. I’m still upset, but the sun did come up the next day and life goes on.

Speaking of life going on, mine has taken an unexpected turn. As I wrote a few days ago, I’ve accepted a client project that will keep me busy full time for a few months. Not what I was planning for 2022, but…it’s something I need to do.

We have some travel planned for 2022, including multiple KY trips (including next week), a Napa trip in June, an Alaska trip in August, my annual NOLA/golf trip in the fall, and the big northern lights / Norway trip late in the year. So this blog will start to resemble a travel blog again.

The first pictures from the Webb space telescope are in, and they’re stunning. In the shot below, the smudges you see around the central star are galaxies never seen before. You can see the familiar spiral shape of many of them. Just imagine, each one of those smudges contain 100 billion (!) stars, and planets orbit around tens of millions of them. The universe is unimaginably big. For me this makes the notion that humankind is the only sentience in the universe silly and naive. We’re not alone, folks. Likewise, the religious notion that a god created the whole universe just for us is egotistic and silly. I wish we could know how many other thinking beings there are out there, but for now we’ll have to enjoy the wonder of the size/scale of it all.

Finally, as a person who enjoys understanding how the universe works (aka physics), this little synopsis is very cool. Nine lines that summarize all of physics.

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