The more things change…

Well, this explains a lot. And anyone who says that race doesn’t affect politics or public opinion much should take a look at these maps. In 1860 a lot of the country supported slavery, and we went to war over it.

In 2020, the map of Republican vs. Democrat looks almost exactly the same?!? Some of the issues may be different, and the race-related issues are framed differently (almost no one will come right out and say they’re OK with slavery), but…there it is. Free states and slave states; red states and blue states. I know that correlation isn’t causation, but this is pretty damning.

Maps and concept first seen at Hullabaloo.

This also reminds me that we’re still a young country – very young. Only seven or eight generations since the Civil War. The world, its problems and issues, are evolving faster than our culture.

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