Sunday update

My, my. Tiger Woods and his son almost won their tournament this weekend. I have to hand it to Tiger, this is the most unlikely comeback I’ve seen yet. He’s a force.

Speaking of forces farces, Joe Manchin just shot down a huge relief bill that would have helped almost all of his WV constituents. And they’ll probably love him for it. The rural folk seem to love a cowboy-politician who rides into town and stops Big Guvmint. I know, I’m stereotyping, but still – people voting against their interests always amazes me.

We’re getting the house and windows deep-cleaned today in anticipation of guests. Big job, all-day job. The place is looking great. I worked on the outdoors all day yesterday – just in time for another rainstorm to come along in a few days and throw stuff all over the property again. But I won’t bitch about rain.

I’m still glowing after the UK massacre of North Carolina. The TV pundits all picked NC to win – oops, kinda got that wrong. Somehow UK has to show up every game with the energy level they had yesterday.

I watched an interesting movie during last night’s insomnia. Becky. Imagine Home Alone done very dark, very bloody. As one not too squeamish, I liked it a lot. Kevin James of Paul Blart fame was fantastic as the lead bad guy. Completely different role for him and he nailed it.

Emily stumbled onto some old pictures of me. Here’s one from about 1980 at the Red River Gorge. I’ve changed a bit, though even in those days I carried a serious camera around. Need to find those pictures.

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