This makes me absolutely ill. What in the world makes these people think that Christmas spirit and guns go together? And posting this just days after yet another tragic school shooting incident…it’s beyond the pale. Why oh why do the voters in Kentucky’s 4th Congressional district, in northern KY along the Ohio River, think this person is a good representative for them? This picture kind of sums up everything wrong in American politics.

Grinning idiots

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against gun ownership. I’m against gun fetishism (see picture above) and proliferation (We have 1.2 guns per person in the US (!) – that includes children and infants – does your two year old have his/her AR-15 yet?).

Gun ownership should be taken seriously – gun owners should be vetted, trained, and licensed regularly, just like operators of other dangerous equipment (commercial vehicles, aircraft, autos). Anything capable of killing people en masse if/when misused. Folks like these are just playing to the crowd that thinks someone wants to take their weapons and that Everyman is Rambo.

The amount of poor judgement and poor taste shown by the parents of these kids is incalculable.