Last night’s UK basketball game versus Notre Dame was discouraging. Ugly loss. We lost by two points, needlessly. The Cats couldn’t hit a three, couldn’t hit the front end of any pair of free throws. And then Calipari failed to take control of the final possession and let a freshman rush down the court and make a bad decision.

I’ve been a huge Calipari fan over the years, but I’m losing faith. His system is not resulting in the wins we need. He’s a great recruiter, but I’m starting to question his real-time coaching decisions.

I know, I’m just a spoiled and impatient fan. But the highest-paid college coach in the world should be able to win the close ones, particularly this close one. Get your shit together, JC.

Diets work

Who says diets don’t work. I’ve been on a diet for the last couple of months, and it’s working just as expected. About two pounds per week.

And it’s easy. No special foods or fasting, and I’m up the expected 20 pounds. Simple!