Decisions, decisions

After three days of forced laziness, I’m definitely feeling better. Maybe back to 75% of normal. Colds are a bitch. Especially with the Socal weather being perfect.

My big project yesterday was to take stock of my photography gear and make some decisions about what to take on our upcoming travels to KY, Cabo and S America. A bit of good news – I found a place to fix my broken Lumix ZS-100 for only $120. That’s a no-brainer, as the ZS-100 is a high quality lightweight piece of gear, but unusable with the rear display broken (highly-integrated electronics don’t like being bounced off concrete). Even taking potential sunk cost bias into account, I can get a $400 20 megapixel device back in service for $120. Done.

A tougher decision is the main camera, my X-T30. It’s a great camera, but the one thing I didn’t get when I bought it in 2019 was image stabilization. Consequently, I do get more blurred images that I would like. There are two main types of stabilization – OIS, or lens-based optical image stabilization, and IBIS, or in-body image stabilization. I figured I could just buy some OIS-enabled lenses with the X-T30, but they’re really expensive. So far the lenses I’ve bought don’t have that feature.

The big benefit of IBIS is that it provides stabilization to ALL of your lenses, including the ones I’ve already bought. So for the cost of one good OIS X-mount lens (like this), I can upgrade the X-T30 to something like the the X-S10, with features and form very equivalent to the X-T30 – plus the IBIS feature.

Will have to think about this one a bit, but I can also sell the X-T30 and pay for more than half of the new body’s cost. That would make the move to IBIS really cheap. Done (probably).

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