Wasting time with TV

Here’s an update on this season’s big TV premiers (“big” as defined by my personal interest and expectations):

  • Yellowstone! – begins again Nov 7, tomorrow! I expect it to be less disappointing than most of the science fiction releases. Costner rocks in this role. And please don’t kill off Beth.
  • Dune – released a couple of weeks ago. Seems that everyone loved it but me. I tried.
  • Foundation – released Sept 24. HUGE disappointment. Nice effects, some nice scenes, but an incomprehensible plot. I expected better.
  • The Expanse season 6 – will premier at the beginning of winter, on Dec 20. This and Yellowstone are the big ones for me. They’re can’t-miss series, with stories and characters that I wish could go on forever.
  • The Dexter reboot – also preniers Nov 7. I don’t have big expectations for this, but I sure loved the original series. And seeing Michael C. Hall as the oddly-likable serial killer again, though 20 years older, will be interesting.
  • The Wheel of Time – premiers in about two weeks, on Nov 19. The trailers have been encouraging, but this would be another SFF series very easy to screw up. So fingers crossed.
  • Raised By Wolves – season 2 to premier in early 2022. This is probably the least well known of the list, but I really liked the premise and production of season 1 in 2020. It’s a Ridley Scott gig, so it has some real director/producer-power behind it.

So…a big season for some of my favorite shows and books. The biggest in quite some time, actually.

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