Louisiana cooking

Louisville isn’t the only destination with great food. I’m in Covington LA and we’re two for two on meals so far.

After a day on airlines, we decided to eat somewhat light so we visited Seiler Bar. We shared some generous and very tasty hors d’ouvres including chorizo shrimp, lamb chops, and seared scallops. With a nice bottle of Willamette Valley Pinot. Great atmosphere, great food.

Today we had lunch at Lola, and the food there was a home run. I had a fired chicken sandwich and truffle fries that was as good as any chicken sandwich ever. Jon had a bowl of mac and cheese topped with pulled pork and some picked jalapenos. Looked delicious, and he confirmed that.

Every time I’ve been to the north shore of Lake Ponchatrain the food has been memorable. So far this visit is no different.

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