We’re wrapping up our Louisville stay soon. As usual, we’ve eaten out a lot. Why not; the food scene in Louisville is great. The restaurants we’ve frequented include:

  • FABD BBQ – kind of a dive bar inside, but good BBQ. I had the pulled pork sandwich and fried green beans (yum; just proves that anything deep fried is tasty).
  • Con Huevos – perfect as usual. Their enchiladas and sauces are superb.
  • El Mundo – the Frankfort Ave location. Not very good; won’t return.
  • Mussel and Burger – the downtown location. Nice space, but the mussels weren’t as good as I remember.
  • Lotsa Pasta – not a restaurant, but its wonderful fresh pasta was used to make our first at-home meal for the family.
  • Green District – love their salads. The chop everything neatly, my favorite way to eat a salad.
  • Parlour – really good pizza.
  • Joella’s – pretty much the perfect chicken sandwich. Love that place.
  • The Grape Leaf – I’ve had some good meals there in the past. This time the lamb was very strong tasting. Will give it another try.

I really wanted to visit Barn8, Game and Red Hog too, but it didn’t work out. Next time…

Cats beat Tigers

Wow! Another huge UK win last night against LSU. And it wasn’t close – UK dominated.

We’re six-and-zero for the first time in 71 years (!), and only the second time in history. Glad I was in state to enjoy the victory.