Where am I?

Back in Socal after a loooong travel day. Twelve-plus hours door to door – that’s about four hours longer than normal. Southwest Air is really a mess. They got us here (thank you), but delay after delay added a lot of time to our trip. I sure hope they get things figured out – I have about eight more SWA flights this month.

And the weather between KY and Socal is exactly backwards. We left a KY that was warm and dry, and we arrive in Fallbrook and it’s cold and wet. 70 degrees at night in KY, and 50 degrees at night in Socal. Go figure. This morning workers are furiously harvesting grapes in the vineyard below us – I imagine the cold wet weather isn’t what red Italian varietals like for ripening.

In a few days I’ll be in NOLA for the annual Tchefuncta member-guest golf tournament, where my friend Jon Sessions and I try to win some money and have some fun. Really looking forward to that – the members there put on a great tournament weekend.

Obligatory grandkids picture above – best buddies.