Life full of holes

84 holes of golf in 4 days. Great fun, great competition, but I’m done with golf for a while. My cup runneth over. And everything aches.

The weather in NOLA has been spectacular since Thursday. Friday it was still humid, but it wasn’t too bad. And the last two days have been cool, sunny and dry. Not typical for this area, but I’m grateful.

Next up, a couple of days at home and then off to North Carolina for nephew Chase’s wedding. Then, a solid month back in Socal. Or maybe check myself into a rehab program. A little less food and wine (OK, a lot less) for a month would be smart. But this traveling retired life is pretty good.

Feature photo above is one of the beautiful moss-covered oaks that dominate the Tchefuncta course. This one is on the 15th hole, my nemesis. But it’s a beauty.

Game day

Big day today. My buddy Jon and I won our flight in the golf tournament – pretty much the only golf event I’ve ever won. Normally I’m a bucket of nerves when there’s any outside “pressure” on my game, but not this weekend. Then we went on to the shootout for flight winners, where we placed 5th in the group of 10 shootout teams – respectable, but not what we hoped. But we had a great time and won enough money to pay for our whole weekend and then some.

Louisiana foodie update – we ate dinner twice in a row at The Greyhound, a gastropub with perhaps the greatest fries ever. Crispy outside, mashed potato good inside, perfectly browned…they’re great. And their wedge salad and wood-fired pizzas are also excellent. The Greyhound is worth a visit or two f you’re in Covington.

Kentucky played Georgia today also, and while the Cats lost, we were respectable. Georgia is tough – they deserve to be #1. Hopefully the Cats can go on to win most or all of their remaining games and have a historic season.