We’re wrapping up our Louisville stay soon. As usual, we’ve eaten out a lot. Why not; the food scene in Louisville is great. The restaurants we’ve frequented include:

  • FABD BBQ – kind of a dive bar inside, but good BBQ. I had the pulled pork sandwich and fried green beans (yum; just proves that anything deep fried is tasty).
  • Con Huevos – perfect as usual. Their enchiladas and sauces are superb.
  • El Mundo – the Frankfort Ave location. Not very good; won’t return.
  • Mussel and Burger – the downtown location. Nice space, but the mussels weren’t as good as I remember.
  • Lotsa Pasta – not a restaurant, but its wonderful fresh pasta was used to make our first at-home meal for the family.
  • Green District – love their salads. The chop everything neatly, my favorite way to eat a salad.
  • Parlour – really good pizza.
  • Joella’s – pretty much the perfect chicken sandwich. Love that place.
  • The Grape Leaf – I’ve had some good meals there in the past. This time the lamb was very strong tasting. Will give it another try.

I really wanted to visit Barn8, Game and Red Hog too, but it didn’t work out. Next time…

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