On the road again

I’m back on SWA today, headed for NOLA. Flights running on time so far (fingers crossed), still packed with mostly-silent masked passengers. Still full of young fashion-conscious women with the ubiquitous flat-brimmed hats.

I think it’ll be another six months before the airlines and health officials feel OK about removing the universal mask rule in airports and planes. Of course, that’s just *after* we complete our massive 3-4 month travel binge. Go figure.

The weather in NOLA looks great for the weekend. Last time Jon and I tried to do the golf weekend (2018), we ran into hurricane weather. Blew us right off the course. 2019 and 2020 were casualties of COVID without vaccinations, but here we are in 2021, ready to go thanks to mRNA tech.

Now if I can just remember how to swing a golf club…

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