Stories for October

Haven’t written much (OK, nothing) since arriving in Louisville. Partly due to sleep deprivation, partly due to location-based changes in routine. The sleep problems are due to (a) time zones and (b) a new bed at the KY place that hasn’t turned out to be as comfortable as hoped.

That in itself is a story. I ordered another Zinus mattress from Amazon for the master bedroom. It wasn’t the same model as the first (comfortable) one, but supposedly close. Turns out, nope. So I called Amazon to figure out how to return it, expecting a somewhat onerous process. Amazingly, Amazon decided that it would be simpler to just refund my cost for the mattress and allow me to donate it or trash it (we will definitely donate it). I guess that’s what happens when pure business logic intersects with good customer service. It would have cost them more to have it shipped back to them and disposed of on their end than to just refund me. So, win-win. Just one more reason I continue to shop heavily at Amazon.

Another story for the week is that it miraculously rained quite a bit in Socal since we left. About 0.75 inches overnight in Fallbrook, an October miracle. That will go a long way toward mitigating the 2021 fire season.

Later today we make the pilgrimage back to Ashland to see my Dad. It’s a nice drive, though about an hour too long. We drive through hilly Frankfort and the whiskey trail, through Lexington and the Bluegrass region, through Morehead and The Knobs, and finally into Appalachia proper. It’ll be good to see Dad and Phyllis, especially now that they’ve regained their health after a long non-COVID respiratory problem. Perhaps a simple cold made worse by being mid-80s.

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