Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day. Today I make the pilgrimage back to Ashland to see my Dad. It’s not an easy trip, but it’s important. In the last month three of my friends have lost their fathers. I suppose I’m simply at the age when the prior generation starts to check out en masse. Very sobering to realize that in 20-25 years it will be my generation’s turn.

But Dad is still with us, and getting some extra time with him is great. I’m pretty certain we gave him a few extra years by checking him into the assisted living facility in January 2020, where they could get his health straightened out. I don’t think he would have survived 2020 otherwise. The picture below is from 2019 on a good day.

And this evening I’ll get to have a meal with Emily, Greg and the grandsons. That’s all the Father’s Day I could ask for. Yesterday I lectured Hudson about how important it is to be extra nice to his Dad on Father’s Day – we’ll see if any of that sank in. With kids you never know what will stick and what gets blended into the noise.

My FD present to myself was discovering that Sling TV allows me to record the US Open at Torrey and watch it later tonight. Technology to the rescue!

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