Road trippin’

(Title is a nod to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.)

We’re back from Hawaii and mostly recovered from the travel day and time zone change. It was a great trip with memorable highlights: the anniversary evening and dinner, the manta ray swim, visiting the tops of Kilauea and Mauna Kea, the bright blue water and vivid daily sunsets…lots to love about the Big Island.

And looking forward to the next 18 months, we have a lot more memories to make. This travel blog can finally return to its original purpose – to document our travels in words and pictures. In the next year and a half, here’s what we have teed up:

  • One or two trips to Cabo
  • A trip to North Carolina for a nephew’s wedding
  • A long cruise around the tip of South America and into Antarctica
  • The inverse cruise into the Arctic (Norway) to see the Northern Lights ( we get to visit the top and bottom of the world in one year – how cool is that?)
  • A trip to the Colorado mountains for K’s sister’s 70th birthday gathering
  • Multiple trips to Louisville, some long, some short, now that we have a place to call our own
  • A couple of golf trips, one to Oakmont (!) and one to Tchefuncta in NOLA

And those are just the planned trips, the ones I know we’re doing. There’s still room for last-minute trips to Napa, or to visit relatives, or to Borrego, etc. We’re gonna be busy. And that’s the plan – stay busy and see the world while we can. Travel can be a little rough on the old body, and we’re never going to be this “young” again.