Back in Socal

Back in Socal after a fast but satisfying trip to Louisville. Just my luck, after 90+ degree heat my entire stay, the weather there is mid-70s today. Go figure. The flights back to Socal were once again packed. Every seat full. I think the airline industry is rebounding very quickly, and for my chosen “two homes” lifestyle, that’s a good thing. A necessary thing. Post-pandemic you can’t take anything for granted – just because we used to travel across country freely and relatively cheaply doesn’t mean we will always have that luxury.

The universal mask-wearing on airlines is still a negative, and I expect it to end within a couple of months. I would be OK if the new social or legal norm was temperature-taking at check-in and a wristband requiring you to wear a mask if you have any flu/virus/etc symptoms. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that wearing a mask around others if you’re contagious is a considerate and good thing.

Today is a day to catch up on a few things and make the extensive travel plans for upcoming trips. The travel blog will be busy – I need to take a few more and better pictures to include.

Last thought – I’m missing my daily Con Huevos brunch today. Probably a good thing, given the expanding waistline. Turns out walking there and back doesn’t burn off the delicious calories they serve.