Bicoastal (if you consider Louisville a coast)

The longtime dream of a real second home near the kids and grandkids is finally coming true. But it’s a LOT of work. So far this week I’ve:

  • Signed up for water service
  • Signed up for gas and electric service
  • Signed up for Internet service
  • Set a date for Internet service installation
  • Shopped for and bought homeowners insurance
  • Shopped for and signed up for lawn care service
  • Signed up for streaming TV service (not going the cable route)
  • Ordered a bed for delivery after closing day

That’s kind of the bare minimum for occupying a place, in my opinion. Electricity, water, gas for cooking, a bed for sleeping and Internet service. All the rest can come later.

Next week we get the keys. I can’t wait to see the place in person for the first time.