Walkin’ man

I’ve got less than a month to get in better shape for one of the toughest tests in golf, Oakmont. Oakmont is a notoriously difficult course, but it’s not my game or score that I’m worried about. The last time I played there 2-3 years ago I couldn’t finish my first round. Oakmont is old-school formal, and unless you’re handicapped there are no carts allowed. You walk the course, which is normally no problem for me. But that day the temperature was 105 F with 90+% humidity, and after about 8 hilly holes I was gasping and couldn’t get a breath. Embarrassing, but I had to take a break.

I did get back on the course for the back nine, but in a cart. So I don’t want a repeat of that. It’s possible the weather and temp will be just as bad, so I’m walking multiple miles per day and will do it in the heat for the next few weeks. Sounds like fun.

You know you’re getting old when a round of golf is something you have to train for. Yikes.

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