Big day on the Big Island

Big day yesterday. We circumnavigated the Big Island, saw some sea turtles, drank great Kona coffee and crummy Hawaii wine, looked into a giant volcano and bought a house. In fact, we may be the first people in history to buy a house in KY while at the top of a volcano in HI. Technology is pretty amazing – via a T-mobile wireless signal and iPhones we reviewed and signed documents atop Kilauea (pronounced kill-ah-way-ah), some 4300 miles away from the purchased property.

Kilauea wasn’t oozing lava, but it’s the most active of the Big Island’s five volcanoes. It erupted in a big way in 2018, so it’s sleeping peacefully at the moment. While I would have enjoyed seeing some lava, I’m OK skipping the whole eruption, earthquakes, lava bombs and poisonous gas thing. It’s better on TV.

I will say that Kilauea’s caldera is amazing. Ten miles in circumference, three miles across, six hundred feet deep around the edge and another 1900 feet deep at the center. It’s a really big hole in the world.

Back to the house. I’m very happy to land a KY home in the Clifton / Crescent Hill area. It’ll be soooo much better than staying in random rentals, and the grandsons will enjoy the yard. And now it’s time to shift gears from home shopping to furniture shipping and shopping.

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