Weather warnings

We had an all-time record low temperature for this date last night – 49 degrees. Those of you who live through frozen winters will sneer at that, but it was cold with the windows open.

That got me thinking about the weather, and it doesn’t look good for Socal. Here in Fallbrook we’ve received only 6.9 inches of rain so far, in the period from July 1 2020 to now. We’re unlikely to get any more through the end of June, and 6.9 inches would be the lowest annual rainfall since the 2006-2007 period. And the fall of 2007 is when San Diego County burned down, including areas right next to our house. So….not good.

And this brings me back to our damnable, cursed, almost-finished fire protection system. Right after Hawaii, it’ll be time (past time) to get that thing working.

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