Run for the roses

Watching yesterday’s Kentucky Derby was cathartic. For the first time in what seems like a decade, it was a beautiful sunny day for The Derby in Louisville – no rain, no mud. And after Derby Day was scratched in 2020 (a dim, no-spectators version of The Derby was run in the fall, but it just wasn’t the same), yesterday’s return to sartorial and horsey glory was needed.

I watched most of the races, aided by fast-forward through repetitive backstories. Cousin Donnie and his wife Kristen were there as guests of Mandaloun’s owner, sending the occasional text and pictures from the inner circles of Churchill (must be nice). They had an exciting final race, as Mandaloun came in second by only a half-length. Exciting but crushing – placing second is the worst for a true competitor.

I got plenty done yesterday, but it was relaxing to tune in during the day and watch Louisville have a good day for a change. Kentucky culture showed pretty well, IMHO.

(Beautiful photo above by Jamie Squire/Getty Images).