April showers, May flowers

Hmmm, had some trouble posting this. Trying again.

We saw some gorgeous spring flowers during our Louisville trip last week. Really all over, but especially at Yew Dell Gardens and Whitehall.

Here are a few of my favorites. First a peony close-up.

Next, some stunning purple irises.

Here’s a local artist at work in the Whitehall gardens.

And here’s a young climbing grandson.

And finally, some well-lit irises.

There are many, many more, but these are a good sample.

Techno toys

This is the first post written on my new Macbook Air. My 2016 Macbook Pro needs repair – the batteries and keyboard need to be replaced, and that takes ~10 days in the shop. So I bought a technological upgrade with a very different feel so that I can stay online while the Pro gets fixed.

The Air feels *very* different. It’s tiny. Feels like a toy computer compared to the beefier Pro. But it’s a tiny powerhouse – probably 2-3x the computing power of the Pro (Air uses the new Apple M1 silicon), and 4x solid state storage. I have 1 terabyte of SSD in the tiny Air, which is astounding to an old techie like me. All the computer storage in the world didn’t add up to 1 TB when I started in technology (not an exaggeration, all in the world), and now it’s cheap and common in a two pound laptop. Crazy.

The Air’s display is bright and sharp, with 2560×1600 pixels crammed into a 13 inch display. But not noticeably better than the 2016 Pro’s display.

The keyboard has a different feel, but the so-called “Magic Keyboard” gets great reviews, so I’ll get used to it. It has exactly the same width and spacing as on the larger Pro.

The Air should be a perfect traveling computer – small, light, but powerful. Its first trip will be to Hawaii, coming up Real Soon Now.