The house we almost bought

One weird event from our Louisville trip last week was that we tried to buy a house and lost a small bidding war. This was a new experience, and not a fun one. I was confident that our all-cash offer above listing price would prevail, but it didn’t. Without getting into the exact dollar amounts, we offered about 5% over list price, cash with no contingencies. A pretty awesome offer. But we weren’t the highest bidder, so we upped our offer to list price plus 10%.

We still lost the house, which was a shame. It was in the right neighborhood and was a pretty little place with even more potential. But one bid against myself was enough – if we had matched the higher offer, the other buyer would probably have just raised again.

At the moment I’m trying to tell myself that there’s a real estate market correction coming and we should be able to scoop something up late in 2021 at a relative bargain, with no bid wars. We’ll see…