To convict or not, that’s the question

On Trump’s second impeachment – should the Senate spend the time to try and convict him?

In a word, no. He’s already been impeached twice and that’s good fodder for the historical record. He just hasn’t been convicted by the Senate.

Biden should turn his new DoJ loose on Trump and the whole crime family, plus send signals to state AGs that the Feds will do whatever can be done (legally) to support their state-level prosecutions.

That allows the Senate to do the best it can to enact Biden’s urgent agenda, as opposed to being mired in Trump bullshit for months. This also precludes the possibility of the Senate failing to convict (again) and Trump taking a MAGA victory dance about that failure (again). Let the impeachment stand for what it is.

Finally, I think DC insiders overestimate how punishing they think their impeachment/conviction action would be. Trump’s legacy is already a raging dumpster fire. Being convicted by the Senate won’t materially add to the dumpster fire. But a few Senate leaders are looking for revenge in the name of accountability. Let the courts bring Trump to accountability. They’ve got larger, pointier teeth.

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