Flowers, anyone?

I took a walk a couple of days ago to take some photos with the new 135MM prime lens. I like the results but I don’t love them. The light that day was weak, diffused behind clouds. So I mostly stuck to close-in objects, using the long lens as a macro instead of a telephoto.

This first photo is a good example of the lens’ sharpness as a macro. Any blur is due to yours truly not having 20/20 close-in vision for focusing. The detail when you zoom in on this is amazing. Thanks, Fuji 26 megapixel sensor.

The depth of field (or extreme lack of such) with this lens is amazing. It’s probably less than one inch at these settings.

I could have done a better job framing this one, but it’s still not bad. The colors have not been enhanced or retouched – this is just the lens and the image sensor.

In this next one we’re starting to see some of the bokeh I hoped the lens would produce. We also see the extremely narrow focus field again.

I’ll take it back out on a spin on a sunnier day soon and get some true telephoto shots.

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