What’s the first thing you’ll do when it’s safe again?

I tried hard to find something positive to write about this morning. Several recent posts have been a bit dark. Pessimistic. So I landed on this thought about the future. What are the first things you’ll do when it’s safe to do them again?

My list is simple:

  1. Get on a Southwest flight and go visit the kids, grandkids and my Dad, enjoying the miracle of six hour travel time (8 hours including the drive to the airport and check-in), as opposed to 30 hours of driving.
  2. Take an international trip. Not sure where first, though we do have a South America / Antarctica trip scheduled for January 2022.
  3. Have a dinner party with friends.
  4. Go to any/all of my favorite restaurants, enjoy the meal and be happy that the price keeps someone in business.
  5. Go wine tasting in Napa, Sonoma, Temecula or Paso. Or all of them.
  6. Convince some friends and family to come visit and do some of the things on the list above.

The common elements in the list are (a) do things with people and (b) travel. Pretty basic stuff. How about you – what will you do?

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