Wednesday by the numbers

And…it’s now December. December 2nd to be precise. I present to you some numbers relevant to the day:

  • Only 29 days left in the raging dumpster fire of a year called 2020.
  • 23 days until Christmas, but only about 7 days to get your packages shipped to arrive on time.
  • 49 days until the inauguration of POTUS #46. I. Can’t. Wait!
  • Just over 275K US citizens now officially dead due to COVID. More than 2600 new deaths just yesterday, and more than 182,000 new cases yesterday. (COVID stats from World ‘O Meter.)
  • POTUS 45 just played his 302nd round of golf while in office, at taxpayer expense. He’s on track to play golf a solid year of his 4 in office. The good news – imagine the extra harm he could have done as a 100% at work POTUS, instead of the 75%-ish we got.
  • My beloved UK Wildcats just lost their 2nd game in a row. Gonna be a tough season, but I’m happy to see some UK hoops. Hope the players all stay healthy.
  • I broke the ice and spent 15 minutes on the rowing machine yesterday. It’s not much, but it’s a start.
  • It’s dry as a bone in Socal. We would normally have 3 inches of rain at this time of year, but we’re stuck at 0.5 inches with no rain in sight. Not good.
  • According to Goodreads, I’ve now read 80 books this year. My (conservative) goal was 40, so that’s not bad. I really slowed down during the 2 months I was doing cross-country drives this year, and that’ll keep me from reaching 100. That and my proclivity for books with 500+ pages.