A dry day in December

We’ve had about one half inch of rain in the last nine months. For perspective, Death Valley gets an average of 2.5 inches per year. There’s no rain predicted for Socal in the next 2-3 weeks, when we should be in the “rainy season”. At this rate, we’ll be a pure desert in my lifetime. Not good.

This gift looks dangerous. Awesome, but dangerous. Your very own digital bartender. No flying cars or houses on the Moon yet, but a robot drinkmaker…you betcha. The voice interface is probably just around the corner. I can see it now. I’m in my car in heavy Socal traffic, and I activate Siri. “Siri, tell Alexa to make me a Moscow Mule. Have it ready at 515. And heavy on the bourbon.” Ain’t technology great?

It’s a big day today. We get a shipment of Chip’s Cookies today, direct from Louisville. Best. Cookies. Ever.

Seventeen million cumulative COVID cases in the US today. And I still see numbskulls on social media railing against masks and saying that it’s all a hoax. We are a very stupid country at times.

Recent research from NASA and SETI puts the number of human-habitable planets in our galaxy at 300,000. I like that idea a lot, but it sure brings up the Fermi Paradox – where is everyone? I know we’re a stupid species (see pandemic note above), but are we so bad that we’ve been quarantined from the galaxy? Where do we protest this unlawful sequestration?