32 days

It’s really hard not to get incensed about the TCF’s (Trump Crime Family) behavior in this transition period. Just lately they have:

  • Lied to the states about how much vaccine the states are getting and when.
  • Stolen $617M (literally stolen) from the Trump re-election campaign.
  • Allowed a DoD minion to unilaterally cease DoD-intelligence briefings to Biden.
  • Allowed the most significant hack of our critical systems, ever. By Russia, of course.
  • Allowed the pandemic to rage unchecked across the nation, with no top-down leadership, no action, no mention of 320K dead Americans.
  • Done their part to keep more COVID-driven financial aid from reaching American families and businesses. (They got theirs, though. $617M and counting).
  • Granted unprecedented, unnecessary new access to energy and mining companies wanted to mine and drill on public lands, including national parks.

And that’s just lately. There are 32 days left until the inauguration of POTUS 46. Question is, will there be a functioning country and economy left by then?

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