The good old days

I’ve pushed pretty hard the last 4-5 days, and the result is some kind of cold. Traveled Thursday and arrived in KY late, then a whirlwind trip to Ashland for the high school football event on Friday. Quick round of golf on Saturday, then the drive back. A visit to St James Court and voila – some kind of rhinovirus and I became acquainted. After all that fun, the last 24 hours have been miserable.

This just points out a fallacy in my plans for the future. I like the uniqueness and contrast of having two homes, but getting from one to the other is getting tougher. Frequent travel wears you down, and being not-young and not in good shape, the odds of getting sick in the process are high. I can’t change the not-young part, but I can get in better shape. I figure I’ve only got 3-4 more years of ability to cross-country commute unless I get healthier. So once again, lifestyle changes are required.

Back to the football event – it was really great to see the team again. Only one coach was able to join us, and he was very emotional. Turns out we’ve lost several teammates in the last 50 years – a sobering thought. We’re of that age.

I hope to use that experience and the resurfaced memories of being so, so healthy and strong to get/stay motivated to get into shape. Logically it shouldn’t be hard, but experience shows I have an uncanny ability to make consistently wrong choices in this area. Change is tough.

One day and one decision at a time, and even with a cold I can take a walk. Off we go.

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