Travel day

Random thoughts on a travel day. I’m on my way east to reunite with my old high school football team. Emphasis on old. Fifty years ago we had a great season, one never matched in all this time, and the school set aside time at tomorrow night’s game to honor us. Fifty years!

  • Busy trip. First to Louisville, then on to Ashland for the football thing. Then back to Louisville. Then on to NOLA for the annual Tchefuncta golf event (thanks, Jon!). From NOLA back to Socal.
  • The construction at the SD airport is nuts. They’ll finish it sometime around 2030. Meanwhile, travelers suffer.
  • *Everything* is pretty expensive right now. $7.00 per gallon gas. $20 Hobbit-sized chicken tenders at the airport. A $40 Uber ride that used to be $20 (see price of gas).
  • Very hot in Socal today. 94 at the airport; usually a cool spot. Not today.
  • With the grandkids at the house, I swam in our pool for the first time in over a year. It’s better than I remember. The kids probably account for most of that.
  • Writing this via an iPad rather than a laptop. Still getting used to typing on the Magic Keyboard. Not sure what’s so magic about it.
  • I’ve finally re-achieved A-list Preferred status on Southwest. Will make those crowded, chaotic flights just a little easier.

Looking forward to getting on my crowded-as-hell SW flight and reading a book. Call me an optimist.

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